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One of the main aspects that trips up marketers who run an online business is the volume of information.   When you are caught up in reading emails, clicking links and running around on Facebook, you can miss the simple, effective things and spend all your time racing after short-term gimmicks.

Sometimes, it’s just about taking a step back and adjusting your perspective.

I know many marketers who spend enormous amounts of time on Facebook – messaging, commenting in the newsfeed, posting to their fan page – who really are missing the one thing they need to tie it all together.

All online entrepreneurs and self-employed people NEED their own personal blog – to build trust and promote you!

If you have read anything about sales, you know that your customers and your clients – they buy you!

As Robert Kiyosaki has explained, there is no job security. Even if you’re a top-level realtor, for example, you may very well be representing a different firm in 5 years or less.

So if you put energy into a company hosted blog, you are really not benefiting yourself.

A blog is your command centre for your online career.

It’s one thing you can control and use as a tool to generate more sales and more customers.

Prospects Don’t Buy Your Company, They Buy You

It doesn’t matter whether you are a realtor or a network marketing distributor. People don’t choose Keller Williams, they choose you. People don’t buy into Xango, they buy into you and your vision.

A blog is your home base for your You Inc business.

The internet is sprawling. And it changes. Maybe your clients use Facebook, or maybe they use Linkedin. Maybe in 3 years, they will be using something completely different. You are not in control of any of that.

But if you center your marketing around a central hub, when the internet changes, you’re still in control.

I am shocked at how many people have a Fanpage, and how few people have a great blog.

  1. It’s easier to generate leads on a blog which turns into money.
  2. You have much more stylistic control and can have prospects see what you want them to see.
  3. You can showcase testimonials and endorsements which makes you much more attractive to your prospects and appear more in demand.
  4. You are not competing with advertising (Facebook is very good and getting people to stay on Facebook and consume content and ads.)
  5. You present yourself as a leader in your field which again makes you much more attractive to a prospect.

A blog is a great central hub, because it allows you to really brand yourself.

You can showcase your personality (and if you don’t have one, our team of Branding Ninja’s will create a brand for you at no cost.)

When you control the medium on which people get to your site, you have the power of adding links to YOUR content.

It’s much more powerful to send people to a video on YOUR blog than on YouTube.

Again, YouTube is in the business of getting people to watch multiple videos. On every page, they show 10-14 SIMILAR videos – which is essentially your competitors!

And they have geniuses working on the algorithms to make sure those other videos are relevant and enticing.  YouTube makes money ONLY if they can get that visitor to watch MORE videos than yours.

Own the medium, you own the message.

Taking YouTube as the example, if a prospect finds you on YouTube, you should have a link to your blog in order for your prospect to learn more about you and become more “enamored.”

The medium is the message – Marshall McLuhan

A blog also allows you to control the comments. When you get comments, you can filter out junk comments and negative comments, because you are the person in control of the conversation, since people are commenting on your ideas and content.

It’s a powerful psychology shift that benefits people choosing to do business with you.

See how powerful and subtle that is?  You instantly become the thought leader in their minds.  And once they like you, and believe you can help them, a sale is yours for the taking.

But the best reason to have a blog is for lead generation.

Look at this blog post. Do you see at the end of the blog post and in the sidebar there is a relevant offer where I give you some free content in exchange for your email address?

That is why a blog is KING at lead generation. If you are thinking to yourself, I wish I had more leads, you need to get yourself a blog.

In fact, we only design HIGH-CONVERSION style blogs.  We see blogs like a spiders web.  Put content on, and have multiple ways for prospects to:

  1. Consume more content
  2. Join your email list
  3. Buy
  4. Enter your sales process
  5. Fill out a contact form
  6. Re-engage

But to really understand the mindset about how to drives more leads and sales with a blog, you’ll need to continue by taking the FREE 5-Part Video course.

Why Blogs Are Lead Generation Monsters

If you have a blog, you probably get several leads a day – without advertising.  I know I do, even on blogs I have never promoted.

Think of your blog as the central hub of your business.

It’s the center of the wheel though which all your online marketing must pass.  And each time somebody passes, they become closer to becoming a lead or a new customer.

I’m going to show you how a blog becomes the spider web of your business that generates new leads.

So we need an example.

McDonald’s As A Spider Web

Some say McDonald’s is in the business of hamburgers, and some say McDonalds is in the business of real estate. They own prime real estate in nearly every city in the world. They get a lot of drive-by in dense urban areas, as well as walk-in traffic.

Think about it…

You want to go to the grocery store and get some healthy food?

You need to pass a McDonald’s first.


And some days, you are tired or hungry, or just give in to the demands of the little dictators sitting in child seats in the back of your car.  And you buy.

This, as you can imagine, is powerful.

McDonalds is a gatekeeper to getting just about anywhere else.  Like Starbucks.

And did you know Starbucks is the major seller of music CDs? All based on walk-through traffic of 35 million daily customers.

Did you know that when Ray Charles released his CD, Genius Loves Company, in the summer of 2012

“Starbucks shoppers were responsible for one-third of the CD sales — more than any other retailer.”

So a blog is the best lead generation system, because you can put your content on your blog.  And easily monetize that content.

Think of all the things you might post on Facebook, on Fanpages, on Linkedin, on YouTube.

You’re probably doing some of that anyway.

BUT instead of it appearing in the newsfeed for a short period and dropping like a rock, what if you posted it on your blog – where it stayed indexed by Google (and potential driving more traffic)?

Facebook has the same business model – get people to consume content ON Facebook. Their entire UI design is based on the most advanced tracking in the world – all based around keeping you (addicted to and) ON Facebook.  They want you on Facebook, because they monetize the platform with lucrative ads – selling you things that are exactly like what you are engaging and commenting about in the newsfeed… and even off site (unless you log out completely!)

They understand how powerful it is to have people consume content on their platform.  – Blog Ninja

Having a blog, allows you to leverage this principle for yourself!

Let’s say you have a video. You can post in on YouTube – where there are 10-14 highly related videos trying to grab their attention…. Or you can post in on your blog, where you can have little visual distraction from your content – but at the same time – since you control the medium (your blog) – you can have targeted, very direct marketing that leads prospects EXACTLY where you want to lead them.

I will also give you a big hint here. When you give people good content, it actually increases their desire to learn more from you. If you tell people EVERYTHING you know about a topic – and you don’t know a single thing more – they will think you know even more about that topic and become desperate to connect with you.

(This is a Ninja marketing secret.  So you owe me for that one!)

A blog also allows for a passive lead. It’s a different perspective to sign up on a direct-response style opt-in page.  You know the kind that says, I’m going to bride you with this PDF in exchange for your email address

But that’s the old way of doing it.  Yes, it still works, but there are more effective ways of capturing leads.  You have to keep in mind, the internet is changing.  What you did 2 years ago, is not necessarily the best thing to do right now.

Some people might just have a question and don’t want to get on a list. That’s why when our team designs a blog for a client, we also make the contact page prominent.  If fact, you may not want to get a single email from us, and you may not even want our FREE 5-Part Blogging Training Series.  (But it’s really good content, actually.)

But you may just want to connect with our blog team and talk to somebody without getting on a list.  So you can fill out this contact form if you want a free custom consultation with our team.

And many people like to peruse a site instead of being hit with an opt-in page where your only option is to commit or bounce.  It’s not the best way to build trust online in 2015.

If you want to understand the new rules of connecting, communicating and generating leads online, check out the free video course we are giving away.

If you want to understand how to drive leads and sales with your blog, then again, grab that course in the sidebar.

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