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"Blogging is the most under-utilized recruiting tool in network marketing. Period." - Andrew Murray

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I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from blog posts.  And it's just as easy today as when I started... Maybe even easier.

The truth is that the vast majority of business owners don't have a blog.  And it is costing them business!

Imagine if you could simply make a couple of short blog posts a month and turn those into entire network marketing teams in new locations?  Imagine if you could get a steady stream of residual income from a single blog post!

"Nonesense!" I hear you say. 

Well, that's true. And I'm going to prove it to you here.​

Have you ever read a blog post before buying something?

Of course you have.  As the internet matures, more people are looking to research their buying decisions before going ahead with a purchase - and having a blog puts that money into your pocket!

In the video above, Marie and I give some incredible tips on how to really benefit from having a blog.  And I don't want you to miss all the juicy value in the video, so please make sure you listen to every word in the above video.

Capitalize on people searching for your company or product.

Brand yourself and create the "know, like and trust" people need before they buy from you. 

Impress your customers with a professional looking blog.

Your Business Is Suffering If You
Don't Have A Blog!

We craft professional blogs that do 2 important things..


Give you a polished, professional look

By looking like you take your business seriously, you'll make more sales.


Generate leads and new business

Most web designers neglect to understand how important your blog is for actually converting visitors into sales and leads.  And this is where we really excel.

It's a lot more complicated than opening a hosting account and installing Wordpress.  What we do is build the base of your business - we carefully orchestrate your brand - and create the headquarters for the rest of your marketing.

"Blogging is the most under-utilized recruiting tool in network marketing. Period." RT @andrew_murray

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Meet Our Team...

The Visionary

Andrew Murray is a dynamic mix of tech geek and entrepreneur. When not building marketing campaigns and fiddling with marketing funnels, you can often find him watching an indie movie or doing an oil painting.

The Quarterback

Marie Torres is head of client relations. She is the go-to queen for all things blog.
And this super-woman also homeschools her 6-year old son!

kim isom

The Support

Building blogs require teamwork. We actually talk to our customers by phone if needed to get your blog done and perfect. Kim Isom is the head of our support team, and she is amazing. In fact, she gets unsolicited testimonials from our customers all the time.

joe torres

The Brander

Joe Torres is head of our client relations department, and the guy who comes up with your personal brand!
This creative genius can usually be found enjoying a Wrestling match with a pint of fine English ale.

Check Out Some Graphics...

Here are some blog headers we have done for past clients.  We will make yours to fit your brand!

We can also extend this brand to your YouTube, Facebook cover/group image, or any other social media platform.​

thomas felder

Here's How We Can Help You...

We have several packages - one for each budget and skill level.  These packages are explained in detail in the video at the top of the page.


Basic Wordpress Blog

No Design or setup

You get a simple Wordpress blog with nothing on it

  • No extra setup
  • No plugins
  • Hosted
  • No anti-hacking
  • No loading optimization

$97 / year

For the entreprener on a tight budget.


Starter Blog

Perfect Starter Blog

  • Opt-in box integrate with autoresponder
  • Custom header
  • Social Media integration
  • CTA box after every post


For the part-time marketer.


Power & Branding

The Professionals Choice

Everything in Silver...PLUS

  • Leadplayer plugin
  • Exit Pop Plugin
  • Unblockable Popup
  • Retargeting Code installed
  • Access to our stable of dev. plugins and themes
  • State of the art security and speed


For the soon-to-be full-time marketer.


The "Fully Loaded" Package

Everything in Silver & Gold...PLUS

  • Attention Grabber Alert Bar
  • 5 brand new blog posts
  • Custom press release on your new blog
  • Build your own landing pages (drag n drop)
  • 3 keyword links from our root domain
  • 30 minute conusltation
  • Video SEO plugin
  • We create a squeeze page FOR you!


For the superstars.


The Silver Blog is perfect for the marketer who is just starting out and doesn't yet have a blog


The Gold Blog is for the entrepreneur who is serious about their business and know the value of a professional blog and polished brand.


The Platinum Blog is perfect for the marketer who is just starting out and doesn't yet have a blog

But, if you're still not sure...


Not sure what you need? Thinking about a membership site or a complete sales funnel?  Just not sure?  Use this link!

There is nothing we can't do for you.

Yes, We can do all the hard work
for you!

See what some of our customers have to say:

"I had a great experience with this team creating my blog..."

I had the great experience of interacting with Kim Isom when I decided to let her company build my blog. As far as customer service goes, Kim was exceptional. Her word was resonating, and whenever I emailed her asking for something to be changed, she was right there taking care of it for me.

She really made me feel special, she bent over backwards to make sure that I was happy with my experience

Thank You Team.

robbie mendoza speaking
Speaking from the heart, inc

"My blog would have never looked this good if I tried to do it myself..."

My name is Jamal Rogers, and recently I hired Andrew Murray and his team to design my blog as a virtual assistant. Their work truly amazed me.  My blog looks polished and professional.

Whenever I had question, Kim responded quickly. She went above and beyond what was required of her. I highly recommend her service and personally, I will hire her again and again.

jamal rogers
Jamal Rogers
It's Not A Game Campaign

"My blog looks awesome!"

The blog looks awesome!

I would like to thank you for the exceptional job you have done especially for the fact you have done so much work for me for over-and-above. Thank You

Gary Pugsley

Get Your Blog Today!

Just pick your package and let's get started! We take care of everything for you!

​Stu Johnson

Jonathan Puga


We know what works, because we have been building blogs and websites for entrepreneurs for OVER A DECADE!  

Nobody else has that kind of experience.  Nobody!

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Just pick your package and let's get started!  We take care of everything for you!

"You have one chance to live your life.  One chance to build your business.  You have to do it the right way.  Your family deserves the best!”

andrew and mar

Order Your Blog Today!

Just pick your package and let's get started!  We take care of everything for you!

PS - If you have any questions, please reach out to us.  But please note: We often get full with bookings and will need to close down this order page to work on blogs for new clients.  So order now.